Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hand Size

When people say girls should play short scale [because they're smaller] I laugh. I've never had an issue playing playing bass, in fact I have better posture in order to fit Igor [I don't think I've written about that before, I'll get on that]. Yes I do have shift when I play the first fret of the E [natural F] but I have yet to see a pro bassist not do the same.
My pointer has to reach to play the B string, forget E.
With guitar I'm simply not as lucky. Most basic chords are designed to be easily reachable when you're playing the right way around. Now I have to play a note and clear five strings with my pointer finger, and I just can't do that high on the neck without putting my wrist in [read bad] funky positions. If I wanted to look into straight up bazaar solutions I could just look into a different tuning...       

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