Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lord of the Rings

I decided to finally crack open a Tolkien book. If my halfhearted dream of becoming a Prog Rock writer was ever going to come true [right after that Historic Album] I knew I would have to finish the trilogy that the majority of my friends were raving about. Plus I think just about every self respecting band [I'd like to think] of the 1970s had a song inspired by it.
I'm about nine chapters in and personal opinion aside, I gotta say I shocked by how many song have been written about this trilogy. I mean these hobbits [and that Tom fellow] do nothing but sing. People act like hobbits naturally do nothing but eat, but it seem like they're singing twice as much as they are eating. I see how this book is the cornerstone for so many fantasy books I've read [Tolkien published this book in the 1930s] but I just find this book so bland. [Oops, that was personal opinion.] But I just can't see how someone would write a song about this,when there are already so many songs in it.         

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