Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Is He Worth it?

Demon has serious structural damage, and I'm not sure if he's worth keeping. I wanted a guitar that would last me, but I'm not sure he will. My mom is willing to pick up the shipping cost so I'll walk away from this at no cost.

PRO/KEEP                                                                                                              CON/RETURN
Finish                                                                                                                              Damage
Fretboard wood I wanted                                                                                              Wiring What
Bridge PUP is Awesome                                                                                               Screw Holes
Will owe mom
[Can I say color too?]
Good Neck...

I'm honestly kinda 'meh' on the other two PUPs, but that might change when I get his innards figured out. And honestly I can keep the back on snugly just by using the two good screw holes. I guess I'm keeping him.     

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