Monday, December 2, 2013

Wiring What.

I thought soldering on a wire would be straight forward, until I noticed two possible places the wire could of come off of. This made me decide to pull up a wiring diagram.

Demon was made just outside of Ibanez's ten year backlog of wiring diagram, so I decided to pull one up from the internet. The one I found was made by someone replacing the pick ups on a GSA60, and it didn't match up to Demon [at all]. Being that the guy was replacing pick ups it would make sense that he'd be using different color wires and such, but he listed all the old wires too, and they weren't running in the same configuration as Demon's innards. [Like the red wire on the third branch of the PUP switch was running to the PUPs not the volume pot like in the diagram.]      

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