Thursday, December 19, 2013

I tried to study the master

A southpaw playing a right handed [guitar] upside down? it seems like falling down the Jimi Hendrix rabbit hole is a requirement. It's funny how when I started playing bass [properly left handed] I'd think of Paul McCartney for support when people gave me crap about playing southpaw; I mean if I get crap in the 2010s image what he must of got in the 1950s and 60s! [Or so I'd like to think, for all I know about him he may as well be a fictional character.]  

Somehow I can't take this same mindset with Hendrix, maybe it's super long fingers, or the fact nearly all his videos rarely shows him playing [see below] but I just pick out the musician from the player, He's just this huge ball of...him.
When you look at all my likes and dislikes in music you'd think I'd love Hendrix, and I've tried, I can recognize his stellar playing, but I've also noticed how much his guitar playing tanks when he starts to sing. Something about this just pisses me off to no end.   

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