Sunday, July 28, 2013

Clipper/Winder Review

Finally changed strings. I hate doing it, but I got to use my new toy! 

The winder was a god sent for taking off the strings, my want to try cleaning old string outweighed my want to just clip those old strings in half. Normally my fingers/wrist are sore after unwinding two strings, now I wasn't even bothered by the time all the strings were off. [One of roundwounds stabbed me on the way out, but that's not the winder/clipper's fault.]
The clipper worked well, I wasn't so sure about the E string [.106 gauge]  but it made it through. The rest of the cuts happened without issue, once I got a handle on the clipper. Winding up the strings is where the winder fell flat [read utterly failed]. The winder wouldn't stay on the tuner while winding down. It also kept hitting the edge of [Igor's admittedly oddly shaped] headstock.  

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