Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time with the Light

I finally dusted off the metronome, and turned it on. I started out like I normally do, at the lowest bpm setting [40bpm] and worked on the two finger technique. It went well, I guess, I noticed that my middle tended to be fast. I also tried to work in my ring finger to nimble it up and I had better timing with that finger then my middle finger. [Can you imagine that finger causing issues?]

After awhile I turned the beeping up to 60pbm for a little fun [that's closer to the resting rate of the human heart, so it's easier]. I decided to finish the woodshed with the metronome back down at 40pbm but playing at every couple of beeps. That ended in disaster since I was so punch drunk that I couldn't remember between how many beats to play.

I really tried to work on an issue I noticed the last time I used the metronome: playing consistently. There's only one beep [if you choose to, see above] but it's my job to pick one time [be it at, before, or after the beep] stick to that time. This time I decided to play on the beat, and I found it worked best when I was focused on the light that glows with the beat. I feel like this is cheating since I'm not using my ears. I also noticed the [light/tick] seemed to slow down when I got into it. I'm not sure if this was adrenaline kicking in or what, but I felt relaxed.    

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