Saturday, July 20, 2013

That Backfired

Mom made me clean my room, she wanted to make sure I had enough clothes to go to school four days a week [the answer to that is yes]. Remember when my shoes lost their home to my amp? I found another home for them! Unfortunately [for my wallet] the first thought that popped in to my head was "hey I can put another bass here!"

Right now the only thing keeping me from buying another bass is the fact I don't have the cash or space for another bass [I also don't know what I want, but that's quickly remedied]. With half my logic down it's just too temping to go window shopping. Thankfully [or perhaps horrifying] if I got another bass it would be  mid-grade, and there is really nowhere near me to try out more than 'beginner basses' [a must] unless I go to Delaware.

I could also go for a double bass, I don't have a fretless yet. I'd just have to wait until I graduate/get my first grown up job.      

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