Friday, July 5, 2013

He's Gone

I dropped off Igor today, I'm not lying when I say: I was very near having a panic attack before I handed him over. The panic began when I remembered that there was this circle piece that came out of Igor that hadn't made it's way in. I got that back in and I realized how much like a hobo Igor looks. My inability to use a screwdriver has resulted in a wanky strap knob and the truss rod cover being held on by only one [stripped headed] screw.

I thought far too much about what I was wearing, and finally got down to the shop. I was nervous as shit and it showed, but the dude I dealt with didn't make it worst. He commented on Igor being a lefty, but not in a condescending manner. First thing he noticed was the bowed neck, something I didn't even notice [there was a second weather whiplash while he's been broken] that I kicked myself for. I lied about the state of Igor's strings [to save some cash, and my dignity]. He asked about the the wiring issues and was surprised when I said it had nothing to do with the jack [as far as I can tell]. That felt like a victory until I realized it would just add to the bill.

I should get an estimate Monday, until than I am a very sad Madam without her henchman.   

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