Thursday, July 18, 2013

Picking Strings

I've tried roundwounds, I've tried flatwounds, now it's time for pressurewound.

Quick recap of my string history: Igor got [the much hyped] Rotosound Swing 66 Bass Strings, and they just weren't my jive. New Guy got GHS Flats and I loved the feel and longevity of them, but were too mellow for my taste.

I liked the price of the GHS strings and the brand have been on my radar before when I first started playing, when I was intrigued by their roundwounds that they market as Boomers. [On paper that is exactly the sound I'm going for] I've also been curious about pressurewound since it seems like a happy medium between the two extremes I've tried. 

Price was the deciding factor. I was going for the Boomers since they're cheaper, then mom said she'd handle Igor's repair for my birthday so I went for the Pressurewound [for $7 more on]. I should get them by Monday. 

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