Monday, July 29, 2013

Trading with the House Elf

As I've said, I've been on a major room cleaning spree. I don't like cleaning, doing so moves things, and things that I used to always know where they were suddenly disappear. This time it was my larger allen wrenches.

 I thought I had just slept with them [...again...] like I sometimes do when I use the my bed as a work bench [which is every time] and they don't all make it back to my bedside stand. I looked, and searched, flipped my box spring, nothing. The oddest thing was that they weren't all together, my two tiniest allen wrenches were right where they were suppose to be [possibly because those two have a magnetic charge].

After days of searching, my mom asked for something else I keep on my nightstand. Since I knew where the item in question was, I didn't bother turning on the light. After fumbling for a few minuets [and knocking my favorite necklace off the nightstand] I gave in, turned on the light and found the thing.

Later that night I went searching for said necklace and could not find it. The chain of the necklace was where the laws of physics said it would be, but no neon green bird skull pendent could be found. While searching around for the pendent what do I find? The truss rod allen wrench! I don't know if this is St. Anthony [patron of lost things] playing a joke or I suddenly have myself a mischievous house elf, but I want all my stuff back!

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