Thursday, July 25, 2013

Written in Sharpie

One of the lesser know [or used] tips from TB is keep a practice journal. While on the epic room cleaning of 2013 I came across an American Girl binder. I hate binders. [Why carry something the weight of a text book when a folder and notebook sufficient for a quarter of the mass?] The only reason I have this one is because it's American Girl, and I probably got it for free.

Since my computer has been wonky lately, I decided to use this binder to keep up blog post ideas. This binder is classic early 2000s childhood and is filled with black lined paper. I used to have a myriad of pastel colored gel pens, which were the only things you could use to write [and thus see] on this paper. Alas I couldn't find any of these pens, so I tried writing in black ink. [That failed horribly] than I remember the sliver sharpie.

I hope you like this blog, because I keep up with it because I inhale lovely sharpie fumes every night before bed. [Okay, this blog and my bass playing is solely for my benefit, you're just along for the ride.]         

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