Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Prognosis

I called the shop Wednesday and Igor was on the table, they said they'd call Thursday. Guess who didn't get called? [Okay, maybe I'm being abit bitchy about this situation, but I have trust issues, and bad luck at music stores.] So I call Friday, and Igor needs a back ordered part. I'll be out $80[that's parts plus service] and they won't be able to get the part for a month.

I planned on spending $100 on myself for my birthday, so I can afford this and a pack of strings [I'll just put off getting my hair cut for a few more months]. I'm going to bring Igor home next week since I don't want him sitting around who-knows-where. I'll also be able to change his strings with my new toy while we wait for the part to come in.    

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