Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm Getting Good!

Rule #6 I've learned off Practice what you aren't good at. Am I following it? Nope. I am working on not noticing fret markers and learning the fretboard, and I'm rocking it! It was a change doing it on Igor but my knowledge transferred over smoothly.

This time I was only off by one fret [a half step too high]! I've also been thinking about just learning all the notes above the 12th fret. I mean they just repeat themselves after that, and who really plays that low? [Besides Jaco, Jamerson, and ever bassist worth idolizing...] That idea got nipped in the ass when I went for G note on the seventeenth fret and got it right on the first, split second try. [That was the only note I got right the whole night.]    

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