Friday, August 16, 2013

Cold fingers

The joys of going to a new school include getting a check up and the doctor requiring that you get a blood test. [This is related to bass, wait for it!] Low iron runs in the family, and I'm kinda scared that I have it. I have several reasons to believe I do, [beyond the family history] I tried to give blood once, but couldn't because my iron was too low. I'm also always told I have cold hands and feel, which I've heard is a sign of anemia.

I've never thought I was cold, but I do know the pain after playing bass without warming up. I've heard of [women] bass players having to use heating packs to warm their fingers. I know I should do this if this test says I need it [hell I should probably just do it since I think I might need it] but the thought of having to adapt to yet another thing is frustrating.      

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