Thursday, August 29, 2013

Damn Clip On

Igor wasn't too out of tune when he came back from the tech; not that the clip on would tell me. [That came out dramatic.] Yet again the clip on wouldn't pick up the open E string. I tried to play the 12th fret [also a natural E] but glancing from my finger on the 12th fret to the tuner on the headstock had me freaked out [I was paranoid that I wasn't keeping the pressure on the right fret].
This is all I want to see!
Awhile back I complained on TB about the Clip-on's issues. I wasn't alone and someone said to just use the 5th fret. [the same note as the open string below it] I could see both my finger and the headstock with that, and it was also just within my fickle tuner's range.  

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