Friday, August 16, 2013

Dull Pain

I Grabbed New Guy today. I've been reluctant to do so because Igor is home, and I found playing right handed for more then twenty minutes a day [Something I do absentmindedly every time I pick up a bass, yea for blind love!] I end up with a barometer [measures humidity] for a left hand, for the next three days.

I managed to not noodle for long, but you know what else causes me dull pain? The tuner on my amp. First you need to have your bass plugged in for it to work [plus you need at least a working preamp]. Second, the list of notes are tiny. I [who has no problem reading] have to squint to see, half the time I honestly just guess. Once I see where the A and G is. I get it close enough. More often then not I'll just flat out forget to check the green light, since I'm just glad to get the right not.

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