Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Kinda Remember

I'm crunched for time with school back in swing, so I try to be somewhat focused when I pick up a bass for fifteen minutes before bed. Last night [which wasn't really last night since there are delays between writing, and actually posting a blog entry] after a fast tune, I tried to play to play House of the Raising Sun from memory.

It's been months since I last looked at the sheet music, but the song itself gets played about once a week so I can hum the tune. I can kinda remember the tune, it's something like E E, A A, B C, D E. [I memorized this way before I learned that a number sign on a line means a sharp note, which I think applies here.] Starting out on open strings, it sounded great until I tried the open D string. That sounded sour even though I know that string was in tune. I tried the riff again with the D on the A string and that sounded much better.     

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