Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why the Stress?

I don't get the panic behind handling the truss rod. Upon finding the needed allen wrench [Look I waited until the second sentence to link!] I couldn't remember which way to turn the wrench [for the result I wanted] so in my ever trustworthy state of punch drunkenness, I decided to just twist it one, remember which way and see if I got the result I wanted.

Since I only really trust my dyslexia to mess me up, I try to pick up on fixed points that don't move. [i.e. The wall with nothing on it vs the wall with crap on it.] Actually it would be smarter to notice thickest string vs thinnest string [since you can't mistake that, unlike say notes...]

Anyway I twist, got it wrong, righted it and no harm done.

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