Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Remember You!

With Igor gone, I'm forced to turn my attention to the New Guy. In all honestly, I've been neglecting him. I decided to finally put his fancy leather strap on. I got the strap ages ago, so I lost the instructions, which I could of used.

The Levy strap doesn't have a sliding buckle [is that the right name for it?] you just weave this piece through the right hole of that piece and you got it. [Yeah, it was as easy as I stated, as in: not really.] The strap has two holes for the bottom strap knob. The first was too high, and the other was a tad too low, right out of the box. After far too long spent thinking [thanks to being punch drunk, yet again] I realized I could lower the leather string with the knob holes and use the too high why.

With the strap at the proper length, I turned the my attention to the strap locks. [Thank god I kept the instructions!] With a little fussing I got it all together, until I gave the strap a a tug to test the lock. The sucker came right off. I tried again with the same result. A distant memory, possibly a dream came whisking back, of a stripped screw, frustration, and trying to put the old strap knob back on. I gave up then, I have no idea what my next move is.       

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