Friday, August 2, 2013

This One is for a Cartoon

I spent my birthday weekend on a road trip, the result was me without a bass and the stereo cranked way up to compensate. I was wearing Chucks as I always do for important events, and I found that if I put my foot up against the car door I could feel the vibrations through the hollow toe of my shoe. 

One of the best characters of the best cartoon of my youth [Avatar the Last Airbender] is Toph Beifong. Short and with a kick ass attitude, I took to her right off the bat. Without a doubt her coolest attribute is that without her disability [blindness] she wouldn't have her awesome super power. Toph can feel things, where stuff is, other people's heartbeats ect.

You always hear about people who lose a sense gain in their other senses, but sense of touch always seems to be overlooked. The more I play bass, the more I relate.    

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