Sunday, August 4, 2013

Damn Rattle

Igor's new strings are bringing out his hobo. Pressure wounds are know for their lack of string noise [also know as the only reason I like the rotos] and as a result I can hear every loose part. I've actually been working on killing the wanky strap lock rattle [by wrapping a rubber band around the screw].

I swear, every time I hear rattle beyond the strap lock I think it's Igor's pissed off tuner; but if that was true the string would never hold its tuning, which is still does well. Now the biggest culprit is the truss rod cover [as dashing as I believe it looks] my screwdriver skills have left it on with one screw acting as a hinge. I'm going to get new screws [one day] so it will look nicer then if I fixed the problem with tape.      

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