Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Extra Purpose

My dog loves sleeping on my bed, and I hate having dog dirt in my sheets. [I'm coming around to how this is related to bass, wait for it.] For ages the only solution was closing my bedroom door, but since my basses get all wanky without air conditioning I was at a bit of an impasse. [Okay, so technically I could of left my AC on all summer, but I don't play the electric bill and I would of felt guilty.]

Not my actual dog.
Until one day I picked up a bass midday, instead of putting it away I just left it on my bed. [Allow me to explain some history.] When I first got Igor he spent the night in his shipping box, after manhandling him one day I leaned him against the sofa, only to have my younger dog run by and knock him over [umm, yeah, I totally caught him before he hit the floor...] and as a result that dog is terrified of my basses. So when my bass is on my bed, my dog stays off it!     

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